Why utilize Beyond The Chair’s program after I get discharged from rehab?

Utilizing Beyond The Chair and it’s highly skilled Neuro Fitness Specialist staff after discharge from physical therapy will improve the client’s functional capacity through safe and effective exercise based recovery programs and minimize the possibility of secondary complications due to spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders such as skin breakdown, muscle atrophy, and bone density loss.

What is a Neuro Fitness Specialist?

The Neuro Fitness Specialists at Beyond The Chair have advanced knowledge in anatomy and physiology as well as biomechanics which establishes a solid foundation beyond the level of a traditional “personal trainer.” The NFS is trained to develop exercise prescriptions for a wide range of clientele with neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders while working in conjunction with medical and rehab professionals to ensure safe and effective conditioning programs.

What is the difference between a Neuro Fitness Specialist and a Physical Therapist?

The NFS only provides fitness and conditioning programs to enhance our client’s overall level of function. There is no aspect of diagnosis or treatment. The NFS holds a degree in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology and/or Kinesiology in addition to nationally accredited fitness certifications such as ACSM, NASM, and NSCA. A Physical Therapist is a licensed professional that can diagnose and treat client’s conditions. Both the roles of the NFS and Physical Therapist are vital and should complement each other by working together to improve our client’s health and well-being.

Is Beyond The Chair’s program covered by insurance?

No. We are not a medical facility, so at this point in time insurance will not pay for any of our services. But we do provide all documentation for our clients to submit to insurance for possible insurance reimbursement. The client must have insurance coverage through a workman’s compensation, motor vehicle accident claim or have a third party insurance carrier such as Blue Cross/Shield. Medicare and Medicaid will not reimburse for this service. For more details please contact our staff.

What can I expect in my first session?

An evaluation will be carried out that includes a functional scale and measurements to establish a baseline so we can set goals and accurately measure progression over the course of time.

How is Beyond The Chair different than a rehab center?

Exercise is the only modality in our program. With exercise as the key modality – our services have a long-term positive impact on function. Rehab centers use clinical modalities to restore movement and function and will also introduce exercise to the client setting the stage for the more intense exercise programming provided by Beyond The Chair.

What will it cost per session?

Each package has a different rate per hour ranging between $75-$85 per hour. Some clients come for 2 hours a week, while others come for 3 sessions of 2 hours a week and others choose to come for something in between. You and our facility manager will discuss all of the options to maximize your time, schedule and available funds.

What do I need to do prior to my first session?

You will need a doctor’s clearance to participate in our program. As well as filling out our application and waiver. Each client will also be required to obtain a DEXA bone density scan to help predict the risk of fracture. Beyond The Chair requires this for the safety of our client’s and to ensure that a client’s bone structure is capable of sustaining the stresses of our program. The bones that are most commonly tested are located in the spine, hip and forearm. All clients more than 6 months post-injury will need to provide a recent bone density scan.

How soon after my injury can I start attending Beyond The Chair?

As soon as you have been discharged from a physician’s or physical therapist care, and obtain a clearance from your doctor to participate in our program.